Random Tuesday Thoughts

I am afraid of turning into my mother. I love her, but the older she gets the crazier she gets.

Sara Palin is an embarrassment. Her abrupt exit from office, and the rambling speech did not shine a positive light on women in politics.

In the past few years I have had trouble sleeping. I went to the doctor for a checkup today and happened to mention my sleep issues. Now I have a prescription for Ambien. I can't wait till it's bedtime just so I can see if it works. I am a little concerned about the side effects though, especially drowsiness AND diarrhea. Not a good combination.

Infomercials are always more appealing at 4am. I wonder how many Ped-Eggs, and Snuggies were bought between the hours of 1 and 5 am. Thankfully, I don't keep credit cards near the bed and I'm too damned lazy to get up and get them.

My husband is a better driver than I am. I think the reason for this is all the helpful pointers I give him while he drives. That must be it.

It's Tuesday, so click the link below and visit Keely, the Um Mom. She rocks.



  1. I am always afraid that medicine is going to have some adverse reaction so I try not to take anything!

  2. Sara Palin has gotten kinda crazy. I had some big hopes for her. The hopes are all gone.

  3. LOL about drowsiness and diarrhea...hopefully you'll be awake enough to make it to the bathroom!

  4. I am sure my kids think the same thing about turning into me!
    And Sarah Palin? Well, there aren't even words for her.