My life is just perfect

Life is Good. Just finished dinner, sitting in the sunroom, watching the sunset. My wine glass still half full(not for long though). What could be more perfect? How about if my neighbors could get their two yappy dogs to shut the fuck up? Yeah, that would be perfect.

Did I mention that my neighbors are my parents? Yep, they liked the neighborhood so much, that they bought the lot next to us and had a house built. Perfect.


  1. OMG!!! You must move. Any chance of a job relocation??? In another state even??

  2. Perfect like "Everybody loves Raymond" perfect? LOL!

  3. Thank you for the well wishes on the new car :-)

    You should add an email. Make one up with hotmail or something for free using your blog title. Then, we all love to drop emails back to say hi.