I miss you

My mother passed away on March 9th.2010.   It was unexpected and very fast.   Her bowel ruptured.  Although there was a great effort to save her at the hospital. Initially it looked like she might pull through,  but within a few hours she developed sepsis.  Mom died less than 24 hour from the time she got to the hospital.  I guess the blessing in this is that she did not suffer. 

The ones that get left behind are the ones that are suffering.  Even though I live right next to my parents, I did not get to see my Mom before she died.  I was in Hawaii visiting my daughter.  When your cell phone rings at 2:30am, you know it's bad news.  We were able to get the first flight home.  As we landed in Phoenix to get our connecting flight my sister called to tell me she was gone.  I did not get to say goodbye.  My sister, Laura, was with Mom as she took her final breath.  Laura still wakes up crying. 

 My Dad has it the worst. Mom was 15 and Dad was 17 when they started dating. They they dated for 2 years and have been together ever since.  They were married for 54 and he is lost without her. 

Mom sometimes drove me crazy, I guess it is a mother - daughter thing.  I regret every time I ever got frustrated with her and I wish I could relive every single one of those moments.  I had no idea our time together was almost gone. I  hope she knows how much I love and appreciate her.  She was always there for me even when I didn't deserve it.  I will think of you every single day Mom. 

People always say loss gets easier with time.  I hope that is true.   Mom I miss you and will love you always.



Ok, so H1N1 vaccines are in short supply. Now we find out too much hand sanitizer is not good for you? WTF?? Now what?
 I have 2 big trips planned between Jan and March of 2010. The first one is to the Las Vegas area. I hope to spend most of the time site-seeing since I have never been to that part of the country. The second trip is to Hawaii. My daughter and her family are stationed in Honolulu for 2 years. Even though I am a nervous flyer, I am really excited about these plans. I wish they would invent that Star-Trek transporter thing (whatever it was called) so we wouldn’t have to fly.

 I always feel bad for telemarketer, they are just trying to do a job. But for shit sake, when I say no thank you and you just keep trying to convince me, YOU’RE PISSING ME OFF.

I love Mexican food, but why does it have to be so damned bad for you? When I was a kid I don’t think we even had Mexican restaurants in the Baltimore-Metro area.

 Don’t you just hate when your back itches and you can’t reach the exact spot of the itch?

 I think the housing market is starting to improve. My step-son and his wife just moved into a brand new house. It is a new development and the homes are nice and well landscaped. The development has sold out and the builder didn’t even have to lower his asking prices.

I watch the biggest loser every season. I just love the show. Even though I don’t have a weight problem and can’t relate to the contestants on that level, I have a great deal of respect for their commitment and determination. And just like any other reality show, there is always one person you just can’t stand. This season it’s Tracey. She is a back-stabbing, manipulating, pain in the Ass.

This is my favorite thing in my house right now.

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A visit to New England

Last week we were in New England.  Our first night in Maine, we went to the Cumberland County Fair.  Lots of food, games, rides and friendly people.  I have to say though, it was the first time I have ever been to a fair where, along with corn dogs, pizza, and fried dough, they were selling  hot chocolate, hats, scarves and gloves (it was chilly). 

Monday we went to Portland Headlight.  I had no idea it was a lighthouse, I thought it was a headlight factory.

The following day, we took a ride to Mount Washington New Hampshire.  Mount Washington is the site of the world's worst weather. Recorded wind speeeds have reached 231 mph.  You can check it out at http://www.mountwashington.org/  Yes, I admit it, I'm a weather geek.   

The road to the top of the mountain is steep, narrow, and has no guardrail. It was a beautiful ride up the mountain, but there was ice and snow at the top and we were only allowed to go to 4000 feet.  If you're afraid of heights, don't take the Auto-Road. 

Base of Mount Washington

This was starting up the mountain.  It really was a pretty ride.

This was the view at 4000 feet

Thanks Stewart, Amanda, David and Barbara for a great visit. 



It went by so fast.   The nights are getting cool, the days are getting shorter.  I know many people love the Fall, and I admit I do love the leaves changing, but I will miss the long, hot summer days. 

Ocean City is a popular vacation spot here in Maryland.  In the Summer the boardwalk is packed with vactioners, but this is what it looks like after Labor Day. 

Steamed Crabs ( and beer) - popular local cuisine in Maryland.  At the end of summer and into the beginning of Fall they tend to be bigger and fuller.


Thanks but NO

Recently a neighbor sent out an invitation to join a weekly Bible study group at her house.  The first thought that popped into my head was, only if Margharitas are included.  I will not say this though, instead I will politely decline the invitation.

Religion is something I have struggled with all of my life.   Growing up, we didn't go to Church on a weekly basis,only on Easter, and Christmas.  Maybe that's part of the reason I can't think God without thinking of Santa, and the Easter Bunny.   As I typed that last sentence, I  was looking out the window for a bolt of lightning to strike me as punishment for not believing.  What can I say, I'm conflicted.

Is there some supreme being out there?  I would like to believe, but logic says no.   I can't wrap my mind around it, I mean, how do you, without question, believe in something that you can't see?  It doesn't make sense.  Is it just me?


A very good year..

In the mid-Atlantic, this year has been great for gardeners. As a matter of fact, because of the amount of rain we've had, everything seems to be thriving. That being said, I am sick of zucchini, cantaloupe, peppers and tomatoes. Only 2 people live here so maybe we planted too much(six of each plant). What the hell was I thinking? Although my grandmom would have been proud of the amount of canning and freezing we have done this year, did I mention I am sick of tomatoes?

This is what 1 week of tomatoes and banana peppers looks like.

and 2 weeks of peppers.


Two questions

Life really boils down to 2 questions...

1. Should I get a dog....?


2. Should I have children ?