A visit to New England

Last week we were in New England.  Our first night in Maine, we went to the Cumberland County Fair.  Lots of food, games, rides and friendly people.  I have to say though, it was the first time I have ever been to a fair where, along with corn dogs, pizza, and fried dough, they were selling  hot chocolate, hats, scarves and gloves (it was chilly). 

Monday we went to Portland Headlight.  I had no idea it was a lighthouse, I thought it was a headlight factory.

The following day, we took a ride to Mount Washington New Hampshire.  Mount Washington is the site of the world's worst weather. Recorded wind speeeds have reached 231 mph.  You can check it out at http://www.mountwashington.org/  Yes, I admit it, I'm a weather geek.   

The road to the top of the mountain is steep, narrow, and has no guardrail. It was a beautiful ride up the mountain, but there was ice and snow at the top and we were only allowed to go to 4000 feet.  If you're afraid of heights, don't take the Auto-Road. 

Base of Mount Washington

This was starting up the mountain.  It really was a pretty ride.

This was the view at 4000 feet

Thanks Stewart, Amanda, David and Barbara for a great visit. 


  1. I live here in a flat coastal plain and I grew up in New England! Those photos kill me!!! :)

  2. Those trees are beautiful!! Great pics and trip. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Wow, gorgeous!!!!!! Love those trees!!!!

  4. Autumn leaves, beautiful pictures!

  5. ...yes I was already here!!!

    How do they know if you keep driving up further than the 4000 feet?? I am a bad girl!!! I might have kept going.

  6. How beautiful!

    Have a great RTT!