We are keeping my daughter's dog until August 14th. Then, we get to put her on a plane and ship her to Hawaii to be with my daughter and her family. The dog seems to enjoy not having to compete with the kids for attention. I think that the dog wants to stay here, but I won't tell my daughter.
The aforementioned dog, while very smart and sweet,(to those she loves) might be able to win the world's ugliest dog contest.

Michael Jackson - I don't get it, I've seen interviews over the years with Michael where he talks about the abuse he suffered as a child. So why did he leave his children in the care of his Mother??? I understand his father was the alleged abuser but, where the hell was his mother when this was happening?

I recently read an online article about an 18 yo. male in Florida the Police suspect of killing hundreds of cats. The article talks about the sadistic way theses cats were killed and referred to this guy as a 'serial cat killer'. If he is convicted of these crimes he could face 158 years in prison. REALLY? Is cat killing worse than human killing ???

I love Summer. Even when the weather is hot and sticky, I still love it. It reminds me of my childhood.
I wish I lived closer to my grandchildren.
My Husband and I stayed up until 2am catching up on Harper's Island( I just love comcast on-demand). Can't wait until the 2 hour conclusion on Saturday!


  1. Hey, your blog is back! I was wondering what happened...

    We wish you guys lived closer, too.

  2. sorry, I was working on a second site and I didn't want it visible.

  3. won't the dog be held for 120 days or something when he gets there? I can't think of the damn word. They do it when you go to any island, UK included. Seclusion? Hibernation? I must need a nother cup of coffee. Quarantine! That's it.